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Online and In Person Tutoring in North Bay, Ontario.
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Tutoring to help you succeed!
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About Green's Learning

Green’s Learning Service takes pride in being a small-scale tutoring service owned and operated by Gwen and Melissa Green. Our mission is to provide high quality educational support to our students, helping them achieve their academic goals.

Tutoring offers a great opportunity to support your child in reaching their full academic potential. It allows students to strengthen their skills, boost their confidence, and improve their grades. Tutoring also provides personal attention to your students' education that can sometimes be challenging to attain in a classroom setting.

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Personalized Tutoring Lessons

I provide personalized tutoring lessons that focus on what your child is currently studying in school. I can assist your student with homework, assignments, projects, and studying for tests. I will help your child further develop their skills and strategies for completing assignments and studying for tests.

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Meet your Tutor

Hi! My name is Gwen Green and I am ready to be your dedicated tutor! I firmly believe that every student’s desire for success can be realized through personalized education tailored to their individualized needs. I hold a Bachelor of Education and Bachelor of Arts (Honours) from Nipissing University, and I specialize in English, Social Sciences and History! I am certified with the Ontario College of Teachers (OCT) and am capable of teaching all grades from K-12.

"I believe every child wants to succeed in their education. My role is to support them in achieving that success."

Gwen Green, Tutor

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